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Fresh from the garden

Early February brings with it a favorite garden routine to ensure the seed production of two of our biennials—carrots and beets. These crops require two growing seasons, with a winter in between, in order to produce flowers and make seed. Read the article about biennials here.

The beets and carrots that were planted and thinned in late summer were unearthed and laid out by the Wednesday volunteer crew who chose the best-looking, most “true to type” specimens. Favorable characteristics included a good cylindrical shape and a healthy size. After deliberation, 39 Red Dragon carrots (Daucus carota ‘Red Dragon’) were replanted with 12 inches of spacing all around, leaving the surplus for Bug, the garden dog, and the volunteers to enjoy.

The 31 selected Detroit Dark Red beets (Beta vulgaris ‘Detroit Dark Red’) needed a little more room, so they were replanted with 17 inches of spacing after having some of their straggly foliage trimmed up. Again, the volunteers looked for a good size and shape. Both of these root vegetables will regrow to new heights in order to flower, become a frenzy of pollinators, and make seed that will be harvested next summer.

Red Dragon carrots are unearthed.

Detroit Dark Red Beets are spaced for replanting.


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