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Pollinator Plants

Pollinator plants attract insects and small animals to help disperse their pollen to neighboring plants. These insects and small animals are usually looking for food (nectar), shelter, or other materials, when the plants' pollen sticks on their bodies. When they move to another plant, the pollen is transferred from the original plant to the next, allowing fertilization [National Park Service]. Our garden perimeter is populated by a variety of pollinator plants for this reason. The map details the pollinator sections, and the specific plants in each section of the garden.

Section #1:

  • Sedum sp.

  • Cerinthe major (volunteer annual)

  • Chiapas penstemon

  • Lepechinia (hastata?)

  • Nigella (volunteer annual)

  • Eriogonum grande (red buckwheat, CA native)

  • Scrophularia (CA bee plant)

  • Vitex (young shrub)

Section #2:

  • Shasta daisy

  • Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’

  • Oregano

  • Bidens (yellow daisy)

  • Lavender sp.

  • Salvia ‘Hot Lips’

  • Salvia apiana

  • Rosemary

  • Germander (underneath)

Section #3:

  • Rosemary

  • Monardella (coyote mint, CA native)

  • Perovskia (Russian sage)

  • Nepeta

  • Goldenrod (Solidago, CA native)

  • Grindelia (CA native)

Section #4:

  • Salvia ‘Hot Lips’’

  • Salvia (greggii?)  (2)

  • Erigeron (Santa Barbara daisy)

  • Salvia ‘Hot Lips’

  • Lavender sp.

  • Calamint

  • Hooker’s evening primrose (CA native biennial or perennial)

  • Verbena sp.

Section #5:

  • Salvia apiana (CA native)

  • Narrow-leafed milkweed (disappears in winter)

  • Encelia californica (yellow daisy shrub)

  • Centranthus ruber (red valerian)

  • Phacelia sp. (CA native perennial)

  • Showy milkweed (disappears in winter, spreads widely)

  • Coffeeberry (large CA native shrub in corner)

Section #6:

  • Pineapple sage

  • Salvia ‘Hot Lips’

  • Eriogonum fasciculatum (CA native shrublet)

  • Aster (spreads widely)

  • Epilobium (CA fuchsia)

  • Sphaeralcea sp. (CA native?)

  • Salvia ‘Hot Lips’

  • Salvia brandegeei (CA native)

  • Salvia ‘Hot Lips’


Section #7:

  • Solidago ‘Fireworks’ (goldenrod)

  • Salvia sp. (CA native)

  • Buddleia sp.

  • Salvia sp.

  • Salvia (microphylla?) (2)

  • Eriogonum arborescens (CA native)

  • Ceanothus ‘Concha’ (CA native)

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