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Come early to check out home-grown seeds from our extensive Seed Library or to visit or help out in the Community Seed Garden!

January 26th: Gardening for a Healthy Climate  
Maile Arnold, well-known local landscape designer and gardener, will present climate-friendly gardening techniques that help us grow productive beautiful gardens while reducing CO2 emissions and sequestering carbon. Learn about cover crops, low till and other climate-friendly practices. Don’t miss this one!
February 23rd: Introduction to Seed Saving  If you are new to seed saving this is a perfect class to learn how to successfully grow your own seeds. Learn about plant families, integrating seed saving into a home garden, and preventing cross-pollination. UCCE Sonoma County Master Gardener Electra de Peyster regularly teaches classes on seeds, seed saving and food gardening for the Master Gardener Library series and other community groups.
March 30th: Gardening for Pollinators and Butterflies  Learn how to support more pollinators in your garden through site selection, design and habitat plants for all seasons. Introduction to some of our local native bees. Presentation followed by a tour of the fabulous habitat borders at the Seed Garden on site. Taught by pollinator enthusiasts Laurel Anderson, Jan Peterson and Alexandra McDonald.
April 27th: Wide World of Heirloom Beans  There are hundreds of varieties of dry beans with a wide range of textures and flavors and often a very interesting history! These beans are easy to grow and extend your garden harvest over the winter. We’ll taste a number of our favorites and will talk about growing, saving and cooking beans. Dozens of varieties will be available in the seed library in time for May planting. Try, choose and take home your new favorites! Presented by CSE bean enthusiasts.
May 25th: Soils — From Old to New  We will examine how we have thought about soil throughout the history of agriculture, from the early age of science and into the present day. We will explore the hidden world of soil microbiology and gain an understanding of the living soil web. We will focus on simple regenerative techniques and waste cycling as workable solutions to climate change, usable today.

          Stefan Stehling has been studying soils, compost, plants and gardening for over 20 years. Pursuing an interest in small-scale agriculture led to learning biointensive techniques from John Jeavons, the founder of Ecology Action. Since 2004, he has worked with the Compost Club to bring recycling, compost education and worm bin systems to hundreds of students in dozens of schools throughout the North Bay. Stefan also works with elementary and middle school students in science and ecology and is the owner of ROOTS Solutions, LLC, specializing in growing solutions to protect our soil and water resources.

June 29th: Garden Tour  Come see the Community Seed Garden in all of its June glory! Everything in the garden is being grown for seed for our seed library. We’ll talk about the varieties we’re growing and discuss seed saving in the home garden. Bring your seed questions and your curiosity!

July 27th: Planning Your Winter  Garden  The most common garden mistake is not getting fall crops into the ground early enough for a successful winter garden. Good soil preparation and care for winter can improve it dramatically. Learn from storied local gardener and teacher Wendy Krupnick how to plan for success in your garden through the winter. Wendy's main passion for over 40 years has been farming and gardening and sharing this passion with others. Her initial training was at the UCSC Farm & Garden in the mid-1970s. She has been farming, coordinating garden projects, teaching and working with home garden clients ever since. Wendy is active with sustainable agriculture organizations and is Adjunct Faculty in Sustainable Ag at SRJC.
August 31st: Garden Round Table and Summer Harvest Potluck 
Come join us for the end of August harvest potluck celebration and round-table discussion with your friends at the CSE.
September 28th: Dry Seed Processing  Once you start growing your own seed it is important to know how to separate the seed from the chaff! Longtime seed collector Yeti will be sharing all the tricks to clean your seed harvest.
October 26th:  Annual Great Garlic Swap  Sara McCamant will offer her popular class on growing great garlic. Everything you need to know to grow and save tastier garlic followed by the Third Annual Great Garlic Swap!


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