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Join us for free classes
11:00am – 12:00pm the fourth Saturday of most months

Come early to check out home-grown seeds from our extensive Seed Library or to visit or help out in the Community Seed Garden!

2020 Class Schedule

January 25: Sourcing Your Seeds: Your Seed Choices Matter! 

It’s the time of year when we sit down with our seed catalogs and plan our gardens. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite seed catalogs and discussing how to make the best decisions when choosing which varieties to grow. We’ll be asking such questions as: Who grew your seed and how? How do we adapt for climate change? Why are open-pollinated varieties best for seed saving? Community Seed Exchange gardener Electra de Peyster will be leading us off as we plan our 2020 gardens.

February 22: Join the Grain-Growing Revolution with Rachel Britten of the Mendocino Grain Project 

Grow more of your own food! Rachel grows at both garden and small farm scale. Grains are a beautiful and delicious addition to a garden. Learn about the different grains you can grow and how to process them for eating.

March 28: Seed-Saving Basics 

If you are new to seed saving this is a perfect class to learn how to successfully grow your own seeds. Learn about plant families, integrating seed saving into a home garden, and preventing cross-pollination. Sara McCamant, Garden Manager at Ceres Community Project, will teach important information on seed-saving basics.

April 25: Three Sisters Inspiration: Dry Corn, Squash, and Beans 

Come learn about the wonderful and varied world of dry beans and corn and how to grow these important food crops. Extend your harvest bounty into year-round abundance. This class will be taught by three ‘sisters’ of the Community Seed Exchange: Electra de Peyster, Laurel Anderson and Sara McCamant.

May 23: Grow Soil — Save our Earth  

Soil care may be one of the most important things we can do both to grow healthy, nutritious food and to help sequester carbon and reverse climate change. Learn simple techniques that greatly improve soil: compost tea, mulching, compost applications, and low till techniques will all be explained. With Sara McCamant, Garden Manager at Ceres Community Project.

June 27: Garden Tour 

Come see the Community Seed Garden in all of its June glory! Everything in the garden is being grown for seed for our seed library. We’ll talk about the varieties we’re growing and discuss seed saving in the home garden. Bring your seed questions and your curiosity.

July 25: Eating from Your Garden Year-Round 

You can be eating from your garden 12 months of the year! With rotations, fall plantings, and awareness of what to grow when, you can greatly increase the capacity of your garden.  Maile Arnold, gardener and landscaper extraordinaire, will share from her many years of experience in growing much of her own produce. 

August 22: Dry Seed Processing 

Once you start growing your own seed it is important to know how to separate the seed from the chaff! Learn seed processing techniques that utilize simple items you have at home. Longtime seed collector Yeti will be sharing all the tricks, and Seed Garden inventor-volunteer Bill will show home-built mechanized seed cleaning tools to speed up the process.

September 26: Garden Show-and-Tell and Harvest Potluck 

Come join us for an end-of-summer harvest potluck celebration and round-table discussion with your friends at the CSE.  Bring any small sample crop or food product (pickle, sauce, salsa) and recipe that has enchanted you this season that you would like to share with the group.

October 24: Growing Great Garlic  

Sara McCamant will offer her popular class on growing great garlic in Northern California. Everything you need to know to grow and save tastier garlic will be presented, followed by the Fourth Annual Great Garlic Swap! Help care for the Chester Aaron Garlic Collection and adopt a variety. 

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