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Join us for free classes
11:00am – 12:00pm the fourth Saturday of most months

Come early to check out home-grown seeds from our extensive Seed Library or to visit or help out in the Community Seed Garden!

2024 Class Schedule 

February 24- Asian Greens

Scott Chang-Fleeman with Second Generation Seeds will discuss his organization’s work to reclaim the narrative around Asian crops, culture and foodways. Scott, an experienced agroecologist will highlight growing asian greens such as shungiku and bok choy in early spring.


March 23- Seed-Saving Basics

If you are new to seed saving, this is a perfect class to learn how to successfully grow your own seeds. Learn about plant families, integrating seed saving into a home garden, and preventing cross-pollination. Sara McCamant, Garden Manager at Ceres Community Project, will teach important information on seed-saving basics.


April 27- Seeds of Resilience

Discover how adapting local seed varieties to your place can lead to a productive garden with nutritious, flavorful produce. Explore seed saving through a lens that aims to promote genetic diversity and adaptability. Learn the principles of Adaptation Gardening, an approach that fosters a deeper connection with your local environment. Taught by Julia Dakin with Going to Seed.


May 25- Expanding our Roots- How about growing sweet potatoes, or  Andian tubers like Mashoa and Oca!

Learn why Jerusalem Artichokes are so productive and healthy. Taught by CSE volunteers and friends.


June 22- Seed Garden Tour:

Come see the Community Seed Garden in all of its end of June glory! Everything in the garden is being grown for seed for our seed library. We’ll talk about the varieties we’re growing and discuss seed saving in the home garden. Bring your seed questions and your curiosity.  CSE Volunteers.


July 27- Winter Gardening in July?

Yes- July is the time to start sowing your winter garden! Most brassicas need to be started in July so they can be transplanted out and sized up before daylight hours dwindle. This is also the time to plan to plant cover crops and prepare to protect your soil from the possible ravages of winter. Taught by Peggy Rose, long time local gardener.


August 24- Garden Harvest Lunch and Garden Convo

Bring a favorite dish from your garden and let’s get down and dirty and talk about what’s been growing or not growing in our gardens and why..


September 28- Dry Seed Processing

Once you start growing your own seed it is important to know how to separate the seed from the chaff! In this hands-on class, learn seed processing techniques that utilize simple items you have at home. CSE volunteers


October 26- Garlic

Sara McCamant will offer her popular class on growing great garlic in Northern California. Everything you need to know to grow and save tastier garlic will be presented, followed by the 7th Annual Great Garlic Swap! Help care for the Chester Aaron Garlic Collection and adopt a variety.

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